Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Maria Island Guided Walk

Introducing a new Tasmanian Walking Tour. Combine a spectacular scenic flight around the Tasman Peninsula, Freycinet Peninsula and Wineglass Bay landing on Maria Island with a 4 day guided walking tour through a breathtaking landscape.Maria Island lies 10km off the east coast of Tasmania, Australia and we access it by an amazing private charter flight. Maria is a peaceful and relaxing place. There are no vehicles, just beautiful scenery, deserted beaches and abundant wildlife. To add to the beauty of the island, she has an intriguing history. After the first explorers, came whalers and sealers and later the island was a convict station.Your guides will immerse you in the islands history and lead you on a amazing 4 day exploration of Maria. Your accommodation are twin share tents, but what other way would you have it on this island paradise. Camping does not mean dehydrated foods. We end each day with a meal of fresh local produce and fine Tasmanian Wines.

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