Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Maria Island Guided Walk with Adventure Seekers

Walking Holidays in Tasmania

Besides walking, there is no better way to experience Tasmania than from the air, as walking tour operators Adventure Seekers do.

Flying is the only way to get to some remote bushwalking locations in Tasmania, namely Melaleuca, the start of the South Coast Track but now tour operators are also using charter services to get to even more accessible locations, saving travelers time and seeing more.

Adventure Seekers have introduced a new walking tour on Maria Island and they get you there on a breathtaking charter flight that covers almost ¾ of the east coast of Tasmania.

Virgin Blue or Qantas won’t give you a better bird’s eye view or a running commentary as Adventure Seekers do. Their amazing charter flight with local operators Tasair, to Maria Island introduces you to Tasmania’s historical past and showcases the islands geological wonderment.

They will fly you over historic Port Arthur and around the towering dolerite cliffs of Cape Pillar and Tasman Island then onwards to Freycinet Peninsula and famous Wineglass Bay before landing at Darlington on Maria Island.

Adventure Seekers Maria Island Guided walk requires no special skills: just a sense of wonder and adventure.

After your breathtaking 90 minute flight you’ll be walking forest tracks through wombat territory, you’ll be amazed at exquisitely patterned painted cliffs and sweeping deserted beaches. And it’s only lunchtime on day 1 of a 4 day walk through an island paradise.

Maria (pronounced Muh-rye-uh) is peaceful and relaxing. There are no vehicles, power or permanent residents, just beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife and the remnants of an intriguing past.

A penal station was established on Maria Island in 1825 to relieve the pressure on Tasmania’s first penal colony of Sarah Island, on the west coast. In 1832 the settlement was abandoned due to the creation of Port Arthur on the Tasman Peninsula.

Adventure Seekers guides will immerse you in Maria’s past and lead you through an amazing exploration of the island.

Maria’s terrain will not fail to inspire awe. You’ll have mountainous “views”, walk with the wildlife and eat fine Tasmanian produce.

“It’s a special place”.