Sunday, May 27, 2012

Photo Essay - Bushwalking the Western Arthur Traverse, Tasmania

Our Western Arthur Traverse was over 10 days with the guided bushwalking company, Adventure Seekers. It was a truly spectacular walk passing by jagged peaks and beautiful lakes. Spectacular!

It was a early departure from Hobart to the start of the track at Scotts Peak as we planned to reach Lake Cygnus on Day 1.

Fortunately for us the weather was fantastic which made our climb up Moraine A that little more enjoyable.

From the top of the range above Moraine A the views were amazing. The reflection of Mount Rugby in Lake Pedder was serene. You could of sat there for hours, just looking in any which direction at this amazing landscape.

At mid-afternoon on day 2 we had reached the descent down to Lake Oberon. From here the track drops steeply down to the lake and the campsite.

On day 3 we headed to High Moor. The track skirted around Lake Uranus (in picture) and sidled beneath Mt Capricorn. The weather was holding (just) and we arrived at High Moor, late afternoon in a  shroud of mist and light rain.

At High Moor it was comforting to have the tent platforms, but nessasary to protect the fragile environment. Tomorrrow we were to push through to Haven Lake, with our journey having many steep descents and climbs. We had a rest day at Haven Lake before moving forward to Promontary Lake (below mid picture). 

The weather was clearing, which made the walking pleasurable. The range opened out a bit as we passed Mt Scorpio and we could see the dominant Federation Peak to our south. We lunched above the track juntion of Kappa Moraine and had expansive views over the whole South West National Park.

Our walk from Promontory Lake to Lake Rosanne was predominately exposed ridge walking. The track headed south-east sidling below West Portal (the highest peak in the range). From the West Portal we followed a ridge line known as the Crags of Andromeda before dropping down steep gully to Lake Rosanne.

From Lake Rossane at the southern end of the range it was a 2 day 25km walk across the Arthur Plains back to Scotts Peak. We camped at Seven Mile Creek on our last night and we hit the sheets early as we had about 17km to cover on our last day. This walk was a fantastic experience made better by kind weather and good company.

PS: I recommend a bit of leg training before you attempt this circuit!