Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Overland Track Guided Walk, Tasmania

This is where you start your 6 day guided walk of the Overland Track with Adventure Seekers - at Ronny Creek and the walker registration hut.
The weather is a bit misty and mysterious as you can see in the picture but we are hoping that it will improve for the guys.
The track snakes its way past Cradle Mountain and highland lakes and over mountainous passes to Lake St Clair and the ferry ride to Cynthia Bay.
You'll have close encounters with wombats, devils and inquisitive possums.

Frenchman's Cap Walk, Tasmania

You may have heard of the Sodden Loddens, if not, this is a minefield of mud that you encounter on you first day into Frenchman's Cap. Actually they weren't that bad!
This tour was our 1st of the season and weather wise we were dead lucky. We had expansive views from the summit of Frenchman's Cap, the track was good and the company great.
During our walk we heard that a large group of walkers (not us) got lost on a day walk to Philps Peak and spent a cold night in a cave before finding their way back to Lake Vera.
Large pockets of winter snow lay around the Cap as you can see in the photo. The picture shows Barren Pass (the narrow saddle) in the background with Philps Peak to the right.