Friday, August 8, 2014

Out & About in Tasmania

Winter is a great time to get out and about and see our state, Tasmania. 

We decided to drive to St Mary's from our place in Swansea and have a bit of a look around and chat to the locals.

One place that looked interesting was "Pings Place" in the high street. Pings Place is one of those interesting Knick Knack shops, where you will find almost anything that you may need at the last minute. 

More interestingly, there was a Ping Pong table (nothing to do with the shop's name) slap bang in the middle of the shop and before long I was rallying with the store owner Juang for over 30 minutes. Best fun I had all day. 

Feeling hungry we walked around the corner to the Purple Possum Cafe for a coffee and a snack. The Purple Possum has a great range of organic products, pastries, pies and cakes. The owner, Elaine and the staff where great. We even purchased an antique teapot from her collectables shop!

We will be going back really soon!

The Purple Possum Cafe

Has anyone been to Pings Place or the Purple Possum Cafe? Share your stories with us by commenting below.

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