Monday, August 1, 2011

Landscape Photography Tips

I have put together a few basic tips that you should apply to your landscape photography and by applying them it should help you to capture the scenery at its best.

1. Where possible use a tripod as this will ensure sharpness of the image
2. Use the rule of thirds. Place the horizon a third of the way down
3. Place the centre of interest (unusual rock, stream, cabin) a little bit off - centre
4. A foreground image will help frame the scene but ensure that you have your depth of field set correctly.
5. Check through your viewfinder that there are no un-natural objects in your shot (telephone boxes, power lines etc)
6. Never use your cameras flash
7. Try and keep your image horizontal
8. Be patient and stick around for a while when capturing a scene. Morning and evening light can bring change quickly and make your shot more interesting.

In the picture above, by placing an object in the foreground, it gives you the impression of three - dimensionality.

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