Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Satellite Phones - Keeping in touch

There may come a time that you have a medical emergency or the progression of your bush walk has been hampered by bad weather and you expect to arrive late at your destination.
Whatever the emergency, verbal communication with emergency services is vital to initiate a quick response and to receive needy advice.
Telstra's Next G service doesn't reach the remote areas of Australia therefore a satellite phone is your only alternative.
Satellite phones can be rented for as little as $11.00 a day or you can buy them outright over 2 years on a plan. They sell for around $2000 - $2100 and a service plan will cost you around $30 per month plus calls.
The next time you head off on a remote walk have a communication plan. Does the area have normal phone coverage? If not consider a satellite phone. For emergencies phone 000

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