Thursday, December 22, 2011

Maps Verses GPS

Well, Im going to tell you straight up that my preference is the map.

I admit that the GPS is accurate and has some pretty whiz bang features but like all electronic devises things can go wrong with them, batteries go flat, you drop it, then it does work etc etc...

The map however is pretty straight forward. It doesn't require any batteries and it will keep on working 24/7. All you will need is to learn how to read one and study up on the use of a compass.

With your maps I suggest to get them laminated (sealed in a laminated pouch). It will last much longer (wear & tear) and will be impervious to rain. Most office supply shops provide this service or more popular maps come pre-laminated from specialist map shops.

Oh... I just about forgot to tell you that they weigh a lot less too!

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