Sunday, December 11, 2011

South Coast Track Guided Walk, Tasmania - 3rd December 2011

Our Par Avion flight from Hobart to Melaleuca was delayed 6 hours due to a slow moving cold front lingering in the west.
Finally after touching down around 4pm we set off on our guided walk towards Cox Bight and Point Eric.
A storm burst followed us into camp, which happened to be the last threat of rain that we would have until the evening of day 8.
The following morning it was a short beach walk to Black Cliff which you need to wade through the surf in order to continue.
It was here at Black Cliff where a sudden gust of wind picked up John's immaculately kept Akubra hat and tossed it into the Southern Ocean, never to be seen again.
Pressing on we soon arrived at the Louisa River camp, our springboard for the next days accent of the Ironbound Range. The formidable Ironbounds took us 12 hours and our views were limited but at least it didn't rain.
Day 4 was a rest day and we did exactly that. Numerous cups of tea, stoking the fire and an afternoon nap were in order.
Later that afternoon a walker rolled into camp after negotiating the Ironbounds. Little did we know but what he pulled out of his pack was the beginning of an amazing reunion for one of our clients.
Surprisingly in his hand was John's Akubra! What was once a well kept hat was now all puckered up and filled with the sands and sea life of Cox's Bight. John immediately washed it in the creek and started to dry it over the open fire then re-shaped it with a smile.
Prion Beach, Surprise Bay and Granite Beach where all picture perfect and the South Cape Range lived up to its reputation as a hard slog at the end of a great walk.
In the early evening of day 8 a stormed rolled into South Cape Rivulet, lightening and thunder cracked directly above us.
Showers continued through to the next morning as we set off through Blowhole Valley and the end of our walk at Cockle Creek.

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