Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Overland Track e-Book

THE OVERLAND TRACK – The Complete Guide is an eBook that will give you sound advice on how to prepare and plan your walk and help you identify the landscape as you travel through it.

Do you want the best advice?

This eBook is written by a Overland Track guide who knows all the best tips on how to plan your walk. The eBook includes a suggested itinerary, transportation, gear requirements, how to book the walk, accommodation, menu ideas, history of the track and much more.
What’s an eBook? – An eBook is an electronic version of a printed book. This eBook is read as a PDF or EPUB file and you can download it today at Adventure Seekers to your computer and start planning your walk straight away. Once downloaded you can save it and read it on your computer or print the whole document or individual pages of information.

The Author

JOHN ELLERM guides tours on the Overland Track and has walked extensively in Tasmania, New Zealand and Europe. As a guide John knows how difficult it can be to sort out the logistics of planning a walk on the Overland Track and recognized that an eBook would be a boon to those who wish to tackle this iconic walk. John is also a rock climbing and abseiling guide and also a keen mountaineer.

Save the Tasmanian Devil Program Appeal

Save the Tasmanian Devil Program Appeal
John will donate $1 of every sale of this e-book to the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program.
A facial tumor disease threatens the existence of the Tasmanian Devil. The facial tumors make it difficult for Devils to eat which leads to starvation and death. In some areas of Tasmania up to 80% of the Devil population has been wiped out.
By purchasing this guide you will be helping The Appeal to conduct research and manage programs to preserve the species.

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