Monday, July 9, 2012

Overland Track Anniversary Walks 2012

December 2012 marks the 100th Anniversay of "Waldheim" meaning forest home, a lodge that was built in Cradle Valley by Gustav Weindorfer to house his guests.

The site of Waldheim sits above Ronny Creek which is at the start of the Overland Track in Tasmania.

Gustav was a Botonist and a Guide. He had numerous guests to Waldheim between 1912 - 1932 and he thrived on guiding his guests around Cradle Mountain and interpreting the landscape for them.

Gustav was instumental in the pursuit of making Cradle Mountain and the area around it a National Park and subsequently in 1922 the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair Wildlife and Scenic Reserve was proclaimed. This year marks its 90th Anniverary.

Gustav's life was cut short by a heart condition in 1932 and he his buried at Waldheim, which looks over his much loved Cradle Mountain.

Adventure Seekers is running 2 Anniverary tours of the Overland Track on 17th & 24th December 2012 to commemorate Gustav Weindorfers contributon to preserving the environment that we are walking through.

To make these aniversary tours much more special, Adventure Seekers has partnered up with Tasmanian Air Adventures to give you a "grand entrance" to your Overland Track Guided Walk.

You can choose to fly in a seaplane from Hobart, soaring over Lake St Clair, the Overland Track and Cradle Mountain and landing on a "secret" mountain lake or alternatively you will be transfered by shuttle bus to the start.

For information on these tours please contact or phone
Stan on 0400 882 742

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