Friday, July 12, 2013

Adventure Seekers E-Bike In Top 15

Ride On magazine recently recommends the type of e-bike that Adventure Seekers use on their e-bike tours of Tasmania.

This is what Ride On had to say about the "Ezee Forza"

Only brand to offer throttle concurrently with pedal assist mode (meaning you can ride in pedal assist mode but boost with the throttle any time)

Most powerful acceleration and maximum assisted speed of approximately 32km/h (this is not restricted with a 200w motor)
Proprietary motor, battery and controller

Top quality components obviously thoughtfully chosen: Shimano Deore derailleur set-up and Shimano mechanical disc brakes.  
Function 38/40         Quality  40/40           Price 9/10   Appearance 6/10

Most powerful and best e-bike for those who like to control their ride.

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