Sunday, May 3, 2015

South Coast Track Walk, Tasmania. A Photo Essay.

The South Coast Track is a unforgettable walking experience that begins at a place us locals call "the end of the world" then it traverses east along the southern coastline of Tasmania for 9 days to Cockle Creek.

This photo essay of the South Coast Track will give you an insight of this incredible walk, the challenges you face and the beauty of one of Tasmania' "Great Walks". 
The flight into Melaleuca is extraordinary. Here we fly over Point Eric with Par Avion. Point Eric is our 1st nights camp on our 9 day journey. It was also here at Point Eric that Denny King began his first Tin Mine.

As you can see it's not all rain and mud. Here we are approaching Cox's Bight on Day 1. The mountain Range in the background are the Ironbounds, which we will tackle on day three.
Day 2 we set out from Point Eric to Louisa River. It was forecast to be a very hot day today so we left quite early. The range in the background is the New Harbour Range.
Up we go! This is the start of the accent up the Ironbounds from Louisa River (we camped in the tree line) Typically the whole traverse of the range will take about 10 hours but be prepared to take longer in adverse conditions. For those lucky enough to get good weather, the views are incredible.
With the Ironbounds done & dusted plus the relaxation of a rest day we welcome the wide expanses of Prion Beach. Prion Beach is the longest beach on the walk at 5km long. In the distance is the South Cape Range, another one of our many obstacles.

At the end of Prion Beach is New River Lagoon. The camp is on the other side so we have to work out the logistics of getting us all across. The impressive massif of Precipitous Bluff looms in the background. PB sits at the end of the Southern Ranges, just beyond the extent of our Moonlight Ridge walk.
This picture was taken from the campsite of Surprise Bay, probably our favourite campsite. Here we are looking west towards the Ironbound Range. This camp is day 6 out of 9 and the South Cape Range is still to come.
The South Cape Range rises up from Granite Beach. The views from here are incredible. You can see mostly the whole length of the southern coastline down to South West Cape.
The end is near. It's a relatively easy walk out from South Cape Rivulet to Cockle Creek along Blowhole Valley and our waiting coach to Hobart.

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