Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Outback Masterchef

The 2015 season of Masterchef premiered on TV yesterday and it had me licking my lips all night. There were some awesome dishes that wowed the judges, and some that didn't.

Are YOU a good cook? When you are out in the outdoors, what do you cook? I'm not talking BBQ's, anyone can flip a steak, I'm talking about meals on the trail, somewhere remote!

It's probably easier for you to purchase off the shelf products, namely dehydrated or freeze dry meals, just add water and your done, or do you make an effort and cook something from scratch?

When taking food on the trail, the time and the amount of fuel it takes to cook it, and the weight of the food all comes into consideration.

At Tasmanian Hikes we mostly cook our meals from scratch. We can add or omit ingredients to suit our guests dietary requirements.

If you are not cooking for guests, the choice is yours.

We have researched some dehydrated meals that are available on the market and found that Strive Food is the brand of choice for taste and fulfillment.

You are going to need a stove and have to do the research on which one to buy to suit your style of cooking.

The Trangia stove is a trusted favourite, it comes as a kit with pots and the burner and requires no maintenance, however fuel consumption is not efficient.

MSR make a variety of cooking systems that are probably the most fuel efficient.

The MSR dragonfly is our stove of choice [although a bit noisy] but it will cook your meal quickly and efficiently. 

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